Chairman’s Statement

U Aung Min

Chairman’s Statement

Ladies and gentlemen, please accept my greetings. Starting in 1994, I entered into the construction and development sector. I joined TOSTA Group Company as one of the shareholders and performed as Project Director on the Executive Committee. In 2002, I founded my own company, named AM Construction, and have built government projects, engineering and construction projects, and have carried out infrastructure and civil developments. I started a company named AMPS Company Limited for construction, engineering, and development in 2010. In 2018, the name of the organization was changed to AMPS Development Company, and it has been continuously performing in the property development sector. Moreover, I was able to set up OSC Hospital under the name of AMPS Services Company Limited in 2010. With my 27 years of experience in the property development sector, we are trying to take in hand substantial growth and to support our country’s settlement and development sector. Our company aims to fulfill customer expectations, obtain customer satisfaction, and build a long-term relationship with them. I am fixable to change our company and employees to be a sustainable business. We aspire to provide continuous learning to our employees and to be a leading company in meeting international standards.

sincerely, U Aung Min (Chairman)

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